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Konstruktywny feedback
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People who really know us and who care about us can speak the hard and raw truth – the thing about constructive feedback

In relationships with other people, especially those closest to us, we often encounter situations where their words seem hurtful. Honesty that is perceived as unfair and harsh can be difficult to accept and is therefore automatically rejected. However, only people who know the other person well and care about his or her wellbeing are able to make comments that are difficult to hear but necessary for his or her development. Provided, of course, that they do so with empathy, respect, reverence and sincerity.
Światowy dzień chorych na Hemofilię
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Each of us has our own Haemophilia

I think we all have our own 'haemophilia' in life - an obstacle that seems insurmountable. But it is how we respond to this challenge that determines where we ultimately go.
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Invest in people

I wanted to share with you photos from our long and much-anticipated holiday integration. Anticipated, especially since we…