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Transformacja cyfrowa
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The enterprise of the future, CX, DX and trends

According to IDC, companies will spend nearly $271 billion on digital transformation in 2020, but only 16% of these will provide new revenue streams. Digital transformation spending will account for 51% of all IT spending in Europe by 2023
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Digital transformation of manufacturing companies

For the past fourteen years, LNS Research, in partnership with MESA International, has published its biennial survey results. These reports covered the full range of data related to and used in manufacturing
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How the current situation impact the digital revolution in businesses

Digital transformation of our society, which was supposed to take place many years ago, was rather not the announced revolution, but a slowly creeping machine that failed to reach the desired goal. Lack of specialists, ideas, procedures, money and constant postponement of the need to make changes for other, better times was a destructive mechanism for many micro and small entrepreneurs.
Kiedy to oprogramowanie decyduje, czy przeżyjesz
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When the software decides if you will survive

They say that two heads are better than one. So it's no wonder that many software companies are starting to take a friendlier look at software development techniques in pairs. Two people work together on a single block of code - one is the driver, the other the navigator. The driver in this process is responsible for carefully developing the code, and the navigator's job is to review and focus on the roadmap. Much research outlines the very big advantages that affect the increased productivity and the security and robustness of the software produced. But is it true for every issue?
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World Hemophilia Day

In an episode of The Good Doctor, Shaun Murphy was asked to do a television interview. He was asked to do this because of the fact that he is the few, or perhaps the only, doctor affected by autism. This was to bring both him and the hospital some recognition. Even though his story could have been an inspiration to others - he refused. He said he wanted to be remembered as a good doctor, not a doctor who has autism.
Harvey Specter
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What Harvey Specter taught me about business

It's a warm spring afternoon. We have just moved with the whole company to a brand new place. Full of optimism, we are sipping coffee by a small pond, which is about 50 meters from our office and is the focal point of the whole complex. The local, industrial walls of the post-factory complex fill us with the desire to act.
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How to grow a startup

Planning to launch your startup? Probably you’ve often thought about starting your own business. You’d like to make…