Yesterday we had a quarterly board meeting to discuss our organization’s results. One of the points on the agenda was (as we usually do) time to appreciate what is happening in the company. This space is very needed because as people in the throes of our daily work, we tend not to stop and celebrate small successes. We immediately run to the next task, not allowing ourselves to reflect deeper.

I sincerely recommend you make it a habit to honor any (even small) successes duly. If you don’t do this regularly, you can find a dedicated space for this, which will allow everyone to pause at least for a moment.

In addition to the meeting mentioned above, as an organization, we stop for a moment and thank each other at least once every two weeks. We do this during the “All Hands” event organized for the entire company. It is a meeting where everyone can share information or news, we learn at what stage the projects are, we communicate notices and plans, and thus ensure full transparency for all people in the organization. We also have a place for thanks and time to value each other.

As humans, we tend to be negative, and our brains are structured in such a way that they can (from the immediate past) remember more negative things than positive ones. It takes extra effort for us to remember the positives – but they are what build self-esteem

By helping people build this awareness, you also make hope and motivation for their future, and as experience shows, even I realized yesterday how many good things had slipped by unnoticed.

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