I wanted to share with you photos from our long and much-anticipated holiday integration. Anticipated, especially since we work mostly remotely and come from different corners of Poland (and more recently the world). When I look at these photos, I see lovely, intelligent, knowledge-oriented, and empathetic people with whom I am lucky to work every day

I also see a tremendous amount of good emotion coming from them, which allows us as a team to bond even more. This also directs my thoughts to my recent conversations with other companies.

In addition to my work at Inwedo, I also do pro bono work to support young entrepreneurs. This year, I’ve been asked more often than usual what to invest to keep my business stable. Then, like a mantra (because I’ve been saying it for years), I repeat that – “in people, because they, in any business, are and should be the most important.”

As customer-centric as we are, we should be focused on the people who, together with us, CREATE businesses. Because of them and their work, our businesses bring value to our customers and change our world and theirs for the better.

Thank you to everyone from Inwedo (together and individually), for this pleasant time, and I am already looking out to the next such meeting!

Powiadom o

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