📔Wilson’s Law – the key to success through intellectual growth.
In my daily work, I often face challenges that require not only technical or business knowledge, but also people skills. This makes continuous learning and development a high priority for me.

This approach is also close to Inwedo as a whole. “#Development and #improvement” is the first position on our list of internal values, which we treat as an investment in the future. Continuously #learning new skills and #knowledge also allows us to enjoy the work we do and the solutions we provide.

🔍 What is Wilson’s Law?

Interestingly, there is a principle in this area called Wilson’s Law, which states that prioritizing the acquisition of knowledge and intelligence will ultimately lead us (and thus our organizations) to financial success.

According to Wilson:

🧠 Intellectual development must be at the forefront of our priorities. Each of us should continually expand our horizons through learning and personal development.

💸 Long-term success (including financial success) comes from the constant pursuit of knowledge and the development of intelligence.

💡Value creation is possible through the effective use of our intellect to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

🛡️ Flexibility and resilience in the face of change are enhanced by broad knowledge and understanding of one’s field through specialization.

🎓 Investing in ourselves through education and personal development opens new opportunities for growth, both personally and financially for our organizations.

🥇 Holistic success is not just about money. While this principle emphasizes the link between knowledge and financial success, it also recognizes the broader benefits of intellectual growth, including personal fulfillment, professional satisfaction, and contribution to society.


Wilson’s Law is a reminder that when challenges arise, continuous growth and knowledge acquisition is the path not only to financial success, but also to personal fulfillment.

What actions do you take to continually develop yourself, and how does it affect your success and personal fulfillment?

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